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BCB v1 *.mak vs BCB v3 *.bpr

I am an amatuer/hobbyist using BCB 3.0 standard.
anything i wrote on the demo version of v 1 (myapp.mak)  but then rebuilt on
v 3 works great  on my friends 'putes

anything i write on v3 (myapp.bpr) and pass on  throws an error "cannot find
required dll 'vcl35.bpl'"
sending that file helps not at all ... the app just asks for more bpl's

when i disable (rename) vcl35.bpl i get the same thing . the apps that
started as v1 .mak work
the one that started as a .bpr throws the the same error

in project | options | linker on the linking panel all are unchecked except
for the "state files" box
i even reinstalled BCB v3 with the same results

any help or thoughts would be appreciated


Re:BCB v1 *.mak vs BCB v3 *.bpr

Hi, Samantha!

You need to static link, or copy the .bpl files to the destination
machine. Have a look at the help under "packages" for a list of the
needed files.

To static link, uncheck "use runtime packages" in Component | Install
Packages and make sure the linker option Dynamic RTL is unchecked.

If you have your own component library, make sure to generate the .lib
file (linker options page).

Hope this helps.

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