Scrolling a Form without scrolling its buttons

Hi, I'm making a program with a waveform, and I've managed to get it to
scroll across the screen at a nice speed using the ScrollBy function, while
drawing the waveform directly onto the canvas of the Form.
However, every time it scrolls, the buttons on my toolbar on the top of the
screen, as well as the status bar on the bottom, scroll with it, then resume
their normal position, all many times per second, creating a jumpy look.

Can anyone tell me how to do one of the following...
1) Get ScrollBy to not affect the toolbars, status bar, etc.
2) Draw and scroll a waveform quickly using another method
3) Scroll only part of the form (still needs a canvas though)
4) Tell me to just s{*word*99} the idea and use a TMainMenu instead of bars and
5) Suggest a totally different method of going about this

The form will eventually be a child of another

-Alex Sramek

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