[ANN]: FastReport 2.53

2004-06-25 12:40:06 AM
Dear friends!
FastReport VCL 2.53 released.
- improved FastReport 3 compatibility
- fixed Excel XML export margins error
- updated language resources (czech, romanian)
- minor exports bug fixes
- minor engine bug fixes.
Free upgrade from FastReport 2.**:
Special discount for FastScript and FastExperts CBuilder Developers.
Read more: www.fast-report.com/en/frvcl.php
Download: www.fast-report.com/en/download.php
FastReport is an add-in component for giving your application the
ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport
provides all the tools you need to develop reports, including a report
engine, report designer, previewer, dialog designer, and Pascal-like
macro language interpreter. FastReport is written in 100% Object
Pascal and can be installed in Borland Delphi 4-7 and Borland
C++Builder 3-6.
With full source code, royalty-free.
FastReport provides many features not found in other reporting products.
Import legacy databases and reuse common database formats
FastReport supports the following database engines:
BDE, DbExpress, ADO, IBX, FIBPlus, NativeDB, IBO, DAO, FlashFiler,
Supports "live" queries.
Easily organize access to any part of your application data.
FastReport makes it easy to create databases in other formats as well.
Let your users change reports using the runtime designer without
having to change any of your program code. FastReport uses a unique
internal format for reports that gives them independence from your
- Report variables are easy to use for creating new EndUser-reports.
- End users can easily change a form to add new fields to the report
as needed.
- You can give users the option to edit the generated report!
FastReportís powerful feature set provides the tools for creating
masterful reports:
- Built-in dialog designer for setting entry conditions.
- Built-in Pascal-like macrolanguage with an extensive set of
- Process events on the generated report. One mouse click retrieves
the detailed report.
- Built-in possibility of search of the text in the generated report!
- Unlimited number of pages in the report
- WYSIWYG-preview with smooth rescaling and scrolling options.
- Display multiple pages simultaneously!
- Composite reports make combining reports easy!
- Generate cross-tab-reports without knowing the number of columns
beforehand. Cross-tab reports are automatically beaten to the
necessary number of pages on a horizontal orientation.
Best regards,
Michael Philippenko mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM
Fast Reports - cross-platform multi-language solutions for developers