ANN: ThemeWizard 2.00 just released

2005-11-13 12:04:47 PM
We're happy to announce that ThemeWizard version 2.00 just released.
ThemeWizard is a library of components which allows to change visual appearance and behavior of your application without source code modification.
+ Easy to use theming with out code modification using subclassing technology
+ Complete support of visual styles for MS Windows XP (msstyles). The necessary theme is easily chosen among the thousand ones available on the Internet ( ThemeWizard can save these themes in the compiled application.
+ 1000+ free themes (skins)
+ Support forms and menus, standard controls and inherited from standard controls,standard dialogs
+ The opportunity of the generation of the modified themes both in the editing mode and in the run-time mode, by changing the brightness and the contrast of the ready themes.
+ The complete support of standard appearance. It is possible to disconnect themes at any time and to get the interface of a standard kind. Besides if the applications with the switched-off themes are started in Windows XP the appearance won't differ from the standard one because ThemeWizard is able to use uxtheme.dll.
+ The storage of the themes in the compiled project allows to distribute one exe-file with a number of themes.
+ The opportunity to create new and to modify ready themes with the help of ThemeEditor.
+ ThemeWizard allows to use more than one theme in your application, so that you can receive a very beautiful and interesting interface.
+ Completely compatible with all versions of Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Me and NT 4.0 without necessity of using COMCTL32.DLL
What's New
+ Added: Images support to the TTeListView header
+ Added: AddFont method to add new form at run-time
+ Improved: Files dialogs
+ Improved: Better msstyles skin support
+ Optimized: Drawing in many controls
+ Optimized: Native skin-format now more faster
+ Optimized: Bitmap engine some faster
+ Improved: ThemeEditor - few new feature and usability
+ Fixed: OpenPictureDialog support big images
+ Fixed: Menubar autoresizing
+ Fixed: Many little bugs
For more information about ThemeWizard and download trials and/or demos version, please, visit
Thank you for your time.