[Ann] Professional Icons Pack for Developers !

2005-11-20 06:42:55 PM
You are developer and you know it's very hard to find a good icons quality
with affordable price, the first contact with your application is always
important part of the customer decision and essential for the success of
your software and company, provide ergonomic user interface now with our
icons collections.
We provide a professional icons solution with Basic Collections, inside the
package :
Total 252 Icons
7 Sizes available from 256x256 to 16x16
4 Files Format (ICO, BMP, PNG, GIF)
2 Mode Active (colored) and Disable (grey)
Support Windows Vista ICO format.
You can pre-order for 99.95$ instead 129.95$ it's limited offer first 20
orders only.
Get more details here : www.ionworx.com/icons.html
You'll get free minor update for all icons updated or added in your
collections ordered.
Best regards,
Bruno Branciforti
IONWORX Tech. Support