ANN: Gnostice PDFtoolkit VCL Roadmap Announced - Manage, Modify, View, Print PDF documents and process PDF Forms

2006-07-23 01:34:16 AM
Gnostice Announces Roadmap for PDFtoolkit VCL
Gnostice Information Technologies is e{*word*277}d to announce the roadmap for
PDFtoolkit through to version 3.0 and beyond. Version 2.x upgrades will be
released through October 2006 and v3.0 will follow in Early 2007, synchronized
with eDocEngine VCL. Version 2.x releases will be free for all CBuilder Developers
of v2.0. Version 3.0 will be a major upgrade with an upgrade fee.
To view the complete roadmap, please follow this link:
For more information on Gnostice PDFtoolkit, please visit:
For downloading EXE demos and trial versions, please visit:
To purchase licenses of PDFtoolkit, please visit:
We are already busy at work on the next generation product, codenamed Concord,
which integrates electronic document creation, transformation, editing and
manipulation. Concord will follow after PDFtoolkit and eDocEngine v3.0 releases.
As with eDocEngine, we have also consolidated the editions based on user
response and in line with our long-realized and practiced way of thinking of
giving more value to the user than they pay for. Accordingly we've also revised
the pricing. There will be the Professional Edition at $349 and ProPlus Edition
at $499.
Here's a short list of what the new releases will contain:
[v2.21] - Already Released - June 5, 2006.
[v2.x releases through October 2006]
- Rotation of Pages in PDFViewer.
- Adding shapes [Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon
and Bezier Curve] as Watermark.
- Support for Form XObject in PDFViewer.
- Support for Differential Encoding in PDFViewer.
- Auto orientation in PDFPrinter.
- Unicode support for Form Fields.
- Increased Attributes/Preferences setting options for Form
- Support for Multimedia Annotations.
- Unembedding an embedded font.
- Auto Bin Selection.
- Support for files referring to standard CMap files.
- Providing support for the ability to set default Letter
header in PDFPrinter.
- Support for Picture Form Fields.
- Activating links in PDFViewer.
- Support for CCITT 3 2-Dimensional images in PDFViewer.
- Support for Zlib 1.2.2 and later.
- Support for JBIG2 compression technique.
- Support for various colorspaces:
- Complete redesign and performance optimization of Viewer/printer
- Complete performance and design optimization of main PDFDocument
- Support for annotations in PDFViewer.
- Thumbnail Viewer component.
- Multipage View in PDFViewer.
- Support for digitally signing a PDF.
- Support for verifying a digitally signed PDF while loading.
- Export/Import to FDF and XFDF.
- Increased loading speed(Page by Page loading).
- Providing Metadata information without loading the document.
- Support for Tagged PDFs.
- Support for Layered PDFs.
- Providing editing options in PDFViewer(Form Field Filling).
- Adding 3D images as annotation.
- Support for linearization of existing files for fast loading.
- Support for viewing linearized files.
- Providing option to save a PDF file in a higher version format.
- Support for merging of large number of files with large file size.
- Enhanced PDFViewer:
- Full screen mode in PDFViewer
- Page view history and navigation
- Built-in Doc properties dialogs
- Configurable easy access buttons and toolbars:
- File Toolbar [open, save...].
- Zoom controls.
- Navigation:
- Page Navigation tab.
- View Navigation tab.
- Attachment Navigation tab.
- Comment Navigation tab.
- Article Navigation tab.
- Bookmark Navigation tab.
- Model tree Navigation tab.
- Signature Navigation tab.
- Show/hide toolbar, full screen mode.
- Page mode Selection.
- Editing controls.
- Forms controls.
- Doc properties.
- Saving changes made through viewer into file.
- Reading UI settings from file and auto configuring viewer.
- Web Search.
- Search across one or more PDF files.
- Attachment and comment tab.
- Snapshot tool.
- Preferences dialog.
About Gnostice PDFtoolkit
Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful, 100% VCL PDF document management,
manipulation, and PDF eForms processing component set. PDFtoolkit supports
filling and reading of PDF forms, compressing, securing, appending and
merging of multiple PDF documents, stamping, setting bookmarks, and many
more functions that can be performed on PDF documents. PDFtoolkit also provides
components for viewing and printing PDF documents. PDFtoolkit operates on
existing PDF documents and can even create new ones by extracting pages from
existing documents. With the help of PDFtoolkit developers can embed powerful
PDF document management functionality right into the business applications they
develop, making the applications more efficient and independent of other
external software.