ANN: DBi-Desktop - Update Notice -

2003-11-22 01:20:32 AM
Sendero Software would like to announce the release of
DBi-Desktop that provides several updates as
well as some new features.
-Updated to DBISAM 3.27
-Added support for FindFirst,FindNext,FindPrior,FindLast in Filter Dialog
-Added support for Partial and Case-Insensive on Filtering
-Fixed Modify Structure to properly update when deleting and re-arranging
-Fixed Modify Structure to properly allow editing of size field when
navigating grid
-Insert option in Modify Structure no longer moves to bottom of grid on tab
through (only append)
-Print Structure no longer prints blank page if no index structure exists
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Download URL:
Please visit our website for more details.
More features are on the way!
Sendero Software
(DBISAM/DBF Database tools)