ANN: SMExport 4.40 for Delphi/C++Builder

2003-07-21 09:41:10 PM
today I released the new version of SMExport for Delphi/C++Builder 4.40.
SMExport for Delphi&C++Builder is a native VCL component suite for data
export from TDataSet or TDBGrid or any other VCL control (TStringGrid,
TListView etc) into the Paradox and DBase tables or into a text file (fixed
or comma-delimited), HTML, XML, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, MS Access,
SQL-script, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, SYLK, DIF, LDAP DIF and others:
- XLS (Excel spreadsheet without OLE, MS Excel is not required)
- Text (fixed or CSV)
- MS Excel workbook (using OLE)
- MS Word document (using OLE)
- RTF (Rich Text format)
- MS Access (using DAO 3.5 or 3.6)
- Lotus 1-2-3
- QuattroPro
- SYLK (Symbolic Link)
- DIF (Data Interchange Format)
- LDAP Data Interchange Format (directory entries)
- SQL-script
- DBase files
- Paradox tables
- MS Windows clipboard
- other dataset component.
Specific formattings (column widths, colors, fonts, selected records etc.)
is transferred as much as possible.
SMExport is a native VCL engine with multi-language support.
Also SMExport suite contains a TSMEWizardDlg and TSMExportMonitor compound
components with visual dialog for export parameters setting. With these
components you can control a data export process in one place and give a
flexible application to your end-users.
Custom data engines allow to export data from any control (TStringGrid,
TListView, TDecisionCube etc). Virtual data engine allow to generate a data
in run-time without any linked control.
Data pumping components allow to export a lot of tables from database in a
few mouse clicks.
The third-party VCL components with extended possibilities (like InfoPower's
wwDBGrid, TMS Software's grid, DevExpress's tree and grid, RX and SMDBGrid
and others) and any datasets (ADO, IBX, BDE, dbExpress, DAO, IBObjects,
DBISAM, FlashFiler, Apollo, Advantage, Halcyon etc) are supported.
Available the multilanguage resource files for the next languages:
- English
- French
- German
- Dutch
- Italian
- Sweden
- Danish
- Norwegian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Russian
- Ukrainian
- Polish
- Romanian
- Slovenian
- Greek
- Turkish
- Traditional Chinese (BIG5)
- Simplified Chinese (GB)
- Indonesian
Short list of changes:
- new options for export wizard (captions for fields/columns,
new control for user access to steps, skip some steps, new
events etc)
- added the new extended formatting for XML export (MS SQL style)
- extended graphic export in HTML and PDF
- changed data engine for QT4 support (DevExp's trees)
- custom storages for specifications (BLOB-stream, for example) instead
- extended custom quoting for text export
- and more
Now you can download from site a trial package for Delphi 3/4/5/6/7 and/or
C++Builder 3/4/5/6. The demo applications is available too.
You may use the trial version for 30 days with IDE running only. If after 30
days you would like to continue using it, then you should purshase a
Online you can order a product at:
Note: each CBuilder Developer of SMExport can receive the new 4.40 version
free-of-charge by personal e-mail request to mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM . In
your request please include your reg.code and/or order number.