Problems with TTable's Locate method

2003-09-03 07:17:43 PM
Hi all:
I have found that in some computers and in some cases the function Locate
doesn't work (it doesn't locate records matching the condition).
I had that problem a few months ago in my computer with a program I was
developing. I solved it chaging TTable with TADOTable.
Last month a client called because he had a problem with a another program.
The program worked fine in other computers, but it didn't in his computer.
Looking in the code I found that the problem coud be the TTable's Locate
method. I change it with a record by record search, and now the program
works fine in his computer.
Does anybody know if this is a known bug?
Does anybody know how to solve the problem without changing the code?
I have Windows XP and the client has Windows 2000. Someone suggested that it
could be a problem related with a known bug in windows XP (In some computers
the search of files containing a specific frase didn't work), but I have
been looking around, and that bug doesn't seem to exist under Windows 2000.
Any ideas?
Thanks you for your attention: