DirectX 7/9 VCL Components for C++ Builder v1,3,4,5,6

2005-03-02 09:13:05 PM
Hi Everyone,
If you have ever wanted advanced 2d or 3d graphics, sound effects,
force-feedback joystick support, multiplayer networking... as VCL components
for Borland C++ Builder v1,3,4,5,6... visit
We currently have available 3 older FREE toolsets, the TDx_Draw_Library
v1.42 (fast 2d graphics / special effects), TDx_Sound_Library v1.42
(fantastic sound effects / music), TDx_Input_Library v1.42 (advanced input
device support such as force feedback joysticks and steering wheels / yokes)
Additionally, get bug-free versions of the same libraries are available for
just US$2 per component, incluing :-
TDx_Draw_Library v1.62
TDx_Sound_Library v1.62
TDx_Input_Library v1.62
TDx_Play_Library v1.62 (advanced multiplayer {*word*143} support for tcp/ip, ipx,
serial, cable)
and the
TDx_Draw_Library v1.70
TDx_Sound_Library v1.70
TDx_Input_Library v1.70
TDx_Play_Library v1.70
TDx_3DI_Library v1.70 (advanced 3d graphics with all sorts of advanced 3d
graphic rendering via direct hardware support)
For less than US$1 per component you can pre-register for our DirectX 9
components, starting with our all-new TDx9_Graphics_Library v1.00 for
Borland C++ Builder v1,3,4,5,6.
This new library encapsulates all available 3D graphics functionality
available in DirectX 9!
Thats pretty hot !!
- darren dwyer
Darren Dwyer,
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