TADOQuery->Delete() - not the Lookup-Table

2005-11-16 01:41:31 AM
Hi all,
I have the following two tables:
ID Name
2 Customer 1
4 Customer 2
CustomerID Order
2 Order 1
4 Order 2
4 Order 3
2 Order 4
I use "TADOQuery" to get the Data as following:
SELECT Orders.Order, Customers.Name AS CustomersName
FROM Orders
JOIN Customers ON (Orders.CustomerID = Customers.ID)
It works well, it's possible to edit and insert the Datasets. But
when I try to delete e.g. "Order 3" by calling "TADOQuery->Delete();"
not only this Dataset ist deleted, the Query kills also the connected
"Customer 2" in the "Customers"-Table. Is it possible to tell the Query
to delete Datasets only in the "Orders"-Table?
Matthias Schuppe