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No Debug Info

2003-11-18 07:03:49 PM
Hello !
I have the problem that the de{*word*81} showns no values
defined in an other dll.
This problem occurs only in one special Excecutable and
I can not find out the difference between the two projects.
In all modues I have:
Create Debug information | Use dynamic RTL | Use debug libraries

Re:No Debug Info

Hello !
I have one dll which is used of to different windows programs say A and B.
If I make a breakpoint in the main I can inspect in the watch list all
global values, nomaly.
In case of A it works and I see the variables of the main AND the dll
but in case of B I can only the variable of the main the variables of the
dll are shown as UNDEFINED.
How can this be ???
The project option are the same !!!