Gui.Lib in 2 diff exe gives exceptions in one?

2006-06-26 07:27:51 PM
I have a Lib that is ceating my GUI. I Use it in 2 different exe one that
Comunicate trou SOAP to a DB and files (Client server version) And One that
is a stand alone that i use for tracing down Memory leaks. (without SOAP).
My Colleages can Run both of the exe with out any problem and I can't even
after I throw away the whole source directory and got a new one from the
arcive. I belive it is a setting somewehre in the IDE. I can run the
standalone exe. but when I run the client server version I get an ileagel
property value Error
"Error reading FrameOrderStrGrid->OnEnter: Invalid property value"
When running the standalone it is no problem at all.
Any Clue???