Re: where is debug info stored FIXED!!!

2007-01-10 02:11:43 AM
Alisdair Meredith[TeamB] wrote:
Andrue Cope [TeamB] wrote:

>Good luck finding it and if you do let us know. We have had the same
>problem twice and in both cases had to give up and rename the class.
>Quite annoying :-/
I fixed this problem. It turns out that we had an old component that we
wrote that used this class.
The component was no longer in the project. However, the pramga link
statements in 3 or 4 files still referred to it.
The result was the class worked fine but you could not inspect in the
To find this problem I searched my hard disk with a real text search
utility (examine32). In the TDS file I found the variable name and a
reference to the old component. I then did a find in finds in BCB and
deleted all references to it.
It works fine now.