No Disk in Drive

2007-01-28 04:54:58 AM
I'm posting this more as a note to myself than anyone else. Numerous
times, after reinstalling BCB5 or BCB6, an attempt to build a project
has resulted in a dialog box:
There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive
The work around in the past has been to put a CD in the specified drive
OR a zip disk, or whatever. {*word*99}py solution.
Anyway, a solution that always works is to change the drive letter of
the specified drive. For example, my D:\ drive was the problem which is
a CD drive. By changing th drive letter to E:, the build proceeds
normally without referencing the drive.
Hopefully, next time I'll remember -- but if not, maybe I'll find this
post before spending an hour searching the newsgroups ;)
With a little luck it might even save someone else the hassle...