Action Manager, Actions Bands, CoolBar/CoolBands (long)

2004-06-02 09:43:48 PM
I try to use the Action Manager for my new Project (instead if the Action
List/TToolBar in previous projects). This project will only be Windows.
I have to admit that these components is annoying me. I am not happy with
the behaviour.
1) When I do modify my action list, it is VERY common that the actions are
set to Enabled=false. e.g. this happen if I add a new toolbar, and it also
happen if the call-back for that action is defined. Any seen this?
2) When I drag a Category to the ActionMainMenuBar, it shows as a menu
(GOOD :-), but when I add a new action inside the Category, it is not
updated in the menu. Do I really have to delete it the menuBar, and then add
it to the bar again for each update ?? And then I also see that when I do
this, some actions become disabled again, :-(
3) When using a ActionMainMenuBar, how do I add a separation in between my
actions (Menu Items) ??
I did find a way to add this by manually adding a MenuItem with caption="-",
but if I need drag over the menu each time something is changed in the
Category, I loose this information.
4) When I use a TCoolBar, and have the ActionBars in a separate CoolBand.
How can the end user modify the size of the bands, and their position ????
Are you coders out there really using this feature ??
I can live the way to add actions to the ActionMainMenuBar, but if I can not
sort out the way of avoid the disabling of actions, I have to conclude this
as worthless. Bad to say.
Also I'm interesting how to let the end user to change the layout of the
Hope any of you can clarify it to me !! :-)
Per Kare Foss