Senior Delphi Architect / Engineer

2005-03-15 09:19:57 AM
Offering expert level software architecture & development in Borland
Delphi, C++ Builder & Kylix at competitive prices.
I have 16 years of professional software development experience working
in the United States, which includes 15 years of combined Borland Pascal
/ Delphi experience. Roles Iíve held at industry leading companies
include technical manager, software architect, lead developer, senior
software engineer, DBA, quality assurance and technical support. I have
designed and implemented everything from small single user applications
through large multi-tier enterprise systems. Project types cover a
broad range including database applications, NT services, batch systems,
web / Internet applications, command line utilities, cryptography,
security, multi-media, game engines, process / office automation,
protocol development, telephony, client / server, multi-tier,
peer-to-peer and others. I specialize in designing & building high
quality, well architected software that is user friendly, efficient and
easy to maintain.
Work can be performed for a fixed quote or on an hourly basis. Most of
my work is performed off-site / remotely. I have a state of the art
development system along with a LAN and several servers to accommodate
various development and testing needs. Work can also be performed
on-site either in the metro Phoenix (Arizona) area or elsewhere if
client covers all travel costs.
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Thank you,
James Higgins
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