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compile time problem

2006-02-21 05:50:10 PM
Hi everybody!
I'm writing a packet program in CBuilder 6 and my project becomes
bigger day by day. When it is getting bigger every time i pressed the
"F9" my waiting time getting longer. (~ 4 mins now)
I don't know why but CBuilder 6 sometimes build all the project
although i changed only one file (and this file is included only a
couple other units) sometimes not.
I want some advice, to make compile time faster, what should i do? Any

Re:compile time problem

Dear Denizhan
I have the same problem. My application is about 14Mb and it takes 1.
minutes to build. I'm using a lot of frames and components (th
projects contains 1,4 milion lines)
There are two solutions
1. Buy a better pc. This makes it a bit faster
2. Split your project in smaller projects like dlls and executables
This gives you the most improvement
When you use dlls, you don't have to recompile all the unchange
Good luck