ANN: First release of bccSDK

2005-12-01 03:29:26 AM
pre-alpha release 0.0.1 (30.11.2005)
This project has a goal to supply missing and/or updated static lib or
import lib files that where not shipped with older versions of Borland
C++ compilers (mainly speaking about Borland free compiler and bcb 6
compiler) together with latest header files from Microsoft Platform SDK.
Currently I'm using MS Platform SDK for Windows 2003 Server SP1 as a
starting point for this project. A bit more than 50% of header files are
prepared for Borland compiler. The missing ones will be added soon.
All testing and build process was based on Borland Free Compiler. It
should however work with bcb 4/5/6.
For any questions and / or ideas go to the project page:
Or in forums:
Open Discussion:
Also If anybody has time and will to dedicate itself to help this
project be finished faster please contact me.
Darko Miletic