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Works on WIN98 but not on XP

2003-12-18 05:43:35 AM
I have here some strange behaviour of programs under Win XP. Some of
the Windows API Function
but also FileSearch() work exactly ast they should on WIN 98 machines
but fail on a XP machine.I have no explanantion at all.
Here an example I just did for tes treason:
// ----------------
void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
String LW = "C:\\";
String FL = "OUT.DAT";
String rwS = FileSearch(FL,LW);
Label1->Caption = rwS ;
It runs errorfree on a WIN98 but on a WIN XP it allways delivers an
empty string. Any Explanantion ?

Re:Works on WIN98 but not on XP

Your code looks like you are using C++ Builder, while this newsgroup is
about Borland C++.
Please direct your browser at and read the
newsgroup descriptions and guidelines. This will help you find the appropriate
newsgroup for your question.