Past release dates for C++Builder/Turbo C

2005-11-28 05:45:50 AM
Hoi everyone
About a year ago Kevin Berry started a Delphi Wiki site, a community updated site that I contribute to from time to time.
Among the info we have there is a page with Delphi past release dates and even with the release dates of the long gone Turbo Pascal.
At the time when I got hold of this info, I also got all the past release dates for C++Builder and the earlier Turbo C and Turbo C++. To not lose the info, I added another page on the Delphi Wiki with this info.
All the release dates was printed on a Borland tshirt that I got at the Delphi 8 release presentation in Amstelveen (east of Amsterdam) NL, way back in 2004-03-03.
The only dates we are missing are release dates for Kylix 1, 2 and 3. Do anyone know precisely?
C++Builder/Turbo C release dates
Delphi/Turbo Pascal release dates