Buyer for IDE Business

2006-05-16 12:42:32 AM
I have been searching newsgroups and the net for information regarding
the sale of the IDE portion of Borland. The latest comments I find from
Borland are from February saying that the sale was going well and on
schedule. Comments about alot happening in the 'next 6 weeks'. That
would have been sometime before the end of March.
It is now mid May and nothing has been said for a while.
Is this good news for us developers?
Some of the speculation is that some company (Microsoft is mentioned,
but others as well) will buy the IDE business, incorporate Delphi into
their products and dump the rest of the products (including C++ Builder).
We use C++ Builder. We have a very, very large application that is
Client Server and BDE that we have begun changing to Multi-Tier using
Midas. This is going to be a large undertaking (2 years development).
It doesn't sound good regarding the chance that C++ will remain after
the IDE sale.
Please Borland make a decision. We are close to pulling the plug and
using Microsoft tools, but are waiting anxiously for some good news.