[BCB] Creating own printview

2005-09-27 01:43:46 AM
I'm trying to develop an easy application, which will keep information
about persons. I'd like to create a printview of that database before
printing. I've tried to use Quick Reports. Because of running errors I
refused to use it. So I thought about using TCanvas either over TForm
or over any other component which has this posibility.
Question 1 is: How can I learn width of particular TFont components used
by Canvas->TextOut(...) function. In my opinion I need this info to know
how much letters I can put to particular lines during printing or
painting on TForm.
Question 2: I'm trying to simulate a page of paper in a Window by using
Canvas->Rect(...). That page is grater then the TForm component and
TForm component doesn't automatically use TScrollBar. What should I do
to force TScrollBar to appear (transparent TPanel in Background or sth
like that).
Question 3: Is above a good idea to make the Printview?
Thanks for your answer