dotnet in CB5

2005-08-29 07:24:48 PM
How do you work with .Net objects in cbuilder 5? All I can find is
CreateComObject(), but will this work with dotnet because I have no luck so
I did the whole 'Import Type Library' procedure and now I have a component
on my palette called TEnterprise, but I have no idea how to work with it -
calling the functions of the com object by using the new component i.e..
Enterprise1->setTag("name","gary") just results in the error 'setTag' in not
a member of TEnterprise
In the documents I googled I read that the header file generated by the
import process is supposed to expose the functions for that specific object,
but there are no references in the header file to setTag(), which is a
documented function of the .net object, which works fine in PHP. The
TEnterprise object is a .net object and not a .com object, could that be the