Cannot use PCH with Dinkumware iostreams

2007-04-30 10:35:27 AM
I am getting this warning, using BDS2006 with all updates:
[C++ Warning] xlocinfo(53): W8058 Cannot create pre-compiled header: initialized data in header
In fact there are several lines in <xlocinfo>that cause the same error but the compiler only reports the first one.
This happens whenever I include any standard iostreams header before the #pragma hdrstop. The effect is that these headers cannot be precompiled, which leads to longer build times. Is there any workaround for this (other than not precompiling those headers).
I started to eliminate the warnings by making code modifications, but it seems to happen every time there is a parameter with a default value, and there are a heck of a lot of those in Dinkumware!!