Builder C++ 5.0 Upgrade ?

2008-02-05 03:48:07 PM
I'm using C++ Builder 5.0 since 8 years.
For now, i need 'upgrade' all for Vista compatibility but some
problems occurs.
In first time, the databse layer 'BDE' (Borland Database Engine) for
all new users.
I understand that changed by DBExpress until C++ Builder 6.0 (using
BDE and DBExpress), but the problem come for the database connexion is
too limited for me.
I don't find really the connexion to ODBC layer and i wan't "force"
all customers to specific provider like "Oracle" or Other.
The BDE not evolve and not really work on Vista (like 64 bits platform
without support and customization).
Some little solution exist (like ZeosLib, dbODBC,...) but some is
deprecated or not really improved for professional because take more
time as BDE.
In second time, the DCOM (or COM++) by OLE with Word, Excel or some
other tools give "Exception Error" (Acces Violation or Abnormal
Termination) on Release Mode but not on Debug Mode because the Release
Mode change the Option 'Register Variable' on 'Automatic Mode'. If i
change to 'None' mode, the program work correctly.
I don't know if it's a C++ Builder 6.0 problem or if it's come from
another. Just for explain with a sample :
Variant ObjectWord;
ObjectWord = Variant::CreateObject("Word.Application");
ObjectWord.Exec(PropertySet("Visible") << True);
in some time, this is solved by :
Thank you for your help.