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ANN: Professional designed Icon Packages for all developers!

2004-10-21 02:41:54 AM
On the basis of the design experience for many years,
Sunisoft( begin to provide professional designed
icon collections!
Icon is a highly combination between information transmitting and graphic
designs. A set of suitable icons can add the professional sense and friendly
experience to your software, and make your software much easier to use.
Our icons are designed by our professional user interface artists. Each set
of the icon package has 80 commonly used icons, which have perfect design
and accurate information transmitting.
A set of icons includes almost 10 commonly used formats, E.g. ICO, 32bit
color BMP, PNG with alpha channel, gif, etc. So in general, you can use them
directly in the most of the purposes.
The package in EPS format which can be rescaled to any size while retaining
their original detail, so they're perfect for large format, print and web
Don't waste time developing icons yourself, buy our professionally designed
icons instead.
Please click here:
Sunisoft Team!

Re:ANN: Professional designed Icon Packages for all developers!

I have to say that I agree with the others. On your web site you say:
"Low price do not means low quality, but means more people can own our
designs and enjoy it!"
You have a strange idea of "low price", and I suspect the market will
think so too. Still, good luck.
Steve Moss,
CoCo Systems Ltd.
Delphi 6.02, Win2K + SP4