ANN: FastReport 3.18

2005-09-21 08:50:39 PM
Dear friends!
* D2006 ready
+ added strikeout text support in HTML export
+ added char spacing support in PDF export
+ added support of BALTIC_CHARSET (windows-1257) in PDF export
+ added support TfrxShapeView diagonal lines in PDF export
+ added FRF import unit. To use it, simply include frx2xto30.pas into your "uses" list.
- fixed inplace editing of the Text object
- fixed bug with export to the monochrome TIFF format
?error with the MS Paint and Photo Editor)
- fixed dbx components bug
- fixed paper bins selection
- fixed bugs in e-mail export (Lines and Signature properties,
 bad attachment, bad address syntax with some smtp servers)
- fixes of the export filters interface
- fixed GIF export filter
- fixed bug with xp style (av when closing expr editor)
- fixed av when selecting sysmemo and memo
- fixed the default export file name in the "Save Dialog"
- fixed TfrxServerConfig.LoadFromFile
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Best regards,
Michael Philippenko mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM