ANN: BuilderBooster Professional Elliminates Compile times

2006-07-24 09:32:08 PM
First Degree Systems Ltd are pleased to announce the availability of
BuilderBooster Professional Release Candidate 1. BuilderBooster
Professional includes RemoteBoost technology that uses other
networked computers to compile and reduce build times.
Using 8 additional machines First Degree Systems Ltd were able to
compile an entire project in 10 seconds which normally takes
5mins 30secs using C++ Builder 6. Tests have shown that by adding
more remote machines it's theoretically possible to reduce the
compile time of any project to that of the time it takes to compile
the largest file
Please see our comparison videos:-
BuilderBooster Professional is now available as a 30 day trial. You
can download BuilderBooster Professional from:-
To find out more about BuilderBooster please visit:-
Many thanks
Simon Farmer
BuilderBooster Team.