MI5 Persecution: Stasi 21/4/96 (15654)

2007-06-23 11:42:22 AM
Subject: Chief Constable Alderson Condemns "Stasi" MI5
Organization: Toronto Free-Net
John Alderson, former Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, had the
following to say about the expansion of the Security Service's powers, in
a recent magazine article;
"It is fatal to let the secret service into the area of ordinary crime.
MI5 is not under the same restraints as the police. They infiltrate
organisations, people's jobs and lives. They operate almost like a cancer."
"At the moment the acorn of a Stasi [the former East German communists'
secret service] has been planted. It is there for future governments to
build on."
The message is clear. Criminal subversion and criminal harassment by an
unpoliced minority not subject to the law, "infiltration of people's jobs
and lives" is with us today.