IdICMPClient Problems

2007-05-24 04:34:29 AM
I'm using Indy 9 and I'm trying to use the ICMP client on BCB C++ 6. I've
set it up, and assigned a host. When I call ping, the results are always
I can ping the host in command prompt fine, and I've even used Ethereal to
see if any packets are received, and they are. However, ICMP client never
registers that they were received. The only host I can ping is localhost.
Any Idea what the problem is?
On an unrelated note, why does both the Indy 9 and Indy 10 snapshots fail to
create a .lib file? Both of them don't include any .rsp files that are used
to create the lib. I finally got Indy 9 working by using the .rsp file from
a couple of versions ago, however I still can't get Indy 10 to work. Where
are these .rsp files?
-David Johnson