Tile Editor

2003-10-30 02:00:34 AM
I have just recently written a basis for a tile engine. It works, as traditionaly, on a basis of map files consisting of rows of numbers. The engine that takes these numbers and makes DirectX draws the respective tile onto the screen in the correct position according to the size of the tile dimensions and where the number is in the map file.
Anyway, its pretty bog standard tile engine. However i want to make an easier system to make maps, a more visual system as in a tile editor. But I have pretty much no idea where to get started. I have decided to use BCB since its quick to make applications. However if someone could give me the groundwork of what i could use to make the map editor.
Some tech details:
The tiles are all in one big file (tec.bmp) and are all 32x32px in size.
the map format is like this:
12 11 32 12 29 29 12
12 23 45 34 45 34 34
12 23 24 23 42 04 23
However the rows could be any length and so could the number of rows. The space is a delimiter between tiles.
i just need an editor that u can click on a section of the big tile bitmap, it will work out which tile i clicked on and then place the tile in the nearest 32x32 that the user clicks on. This will then be recorded into the map file.
I must be honest and have no idea where to get started with this system. I don't really want to pull DirectX in since i know that BCB will be up to it but I dunno where to start.
Any help will be massively appreciated