NetMeeting idl/tlb import

2005-01-26 01:56:03 AM
Hello everyone,
we are trying to import into our application the NetMeeting object.
The NetMeeting SDK gives us the IMSCONF2.IDL, which we have compiled with
the MIDL compiler to produce the IMSCONF2.TLB type library.
Now we have added this type library to our application and it is working
fine, but it seems that the set of methods/interfaces we can use is not
We have this suspect because the SDK samples import directly the
IMSCONF2.IDL into their project(they are developed in MVisual Studio) and
they have more methods/interfaces available.
The interface we are looking for is "INmChannelAppShare".
We are a bit confusing on it... are we trying to do something is not
possible to do or did we make any mistake?
Is it possible from CBuilder import directly the .idl file?(we tried but the
"IDL2CPP.EXE file not found" error we got)
Thanks in advance for the support,