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New Icon Keeps Switching To Old Version

2003-10-05 05:32:54 AM
I am using BCB6.0. I have created a new *.ico in the Images Editor. I can
see the correct Icon on the desktop but when I copy the icon to a folder on
the harddrive Windows changes the icon to my old program icon. I am not sure
if this is a Windows problem or a BCB6.0 problem or both. How do I purge the
old Icon?

Re:New Icon Keeps Switching To Old Version

I'll take a shot at this.
Have you set the icon as the program's icon in C++Builder's IDE?
I thought maybe that's what you might need. If so, go to the Project
menu, select Options (last one on the bottom), select the Application
Tab, hit the Load Icon button, load the new icon and recompile. I'm sure
that your icon will appear after that.
Laters, Bruce