How to insert text in specific location in MS Word under BCB6

2005-07-18 05:36:02 PM
Hello All,
I would like to insert some text in specific location in MS Word
document under app written in BCB6, location of the document I mean
that I want to insert some text eg. after 25characters in teh documents
or in the table or in the 2nd paragraph. Is it generally to possible to
make this? Which of ways I can insert text in specific place in MS Word
using OLE Automation under BCB6?
I have document ( 1 page ) in MS Word with some text and some tables
and I would like to insert some characters ( text ) to the same
document under app in BCB6. I'm using OLE Automation but I don't know
how to insert in specific place text which I want to insert. Only I
know how to insert text at the beginnig of the document but I want to
insert in the specific place, eg. after 25characters or in the table.
Could you tell me how to do this or give any suggestions or code
tutorial??? Which Documents objects of MS Word model I should use???