Repeating sounds in Media Player

2004-06-01 05:24:27 AM
I'm trying to write a sound effects program for a friend of mine and
I've run into a snag. Basically it just tells Windows Media Player to
play different sounds based on what keys you press on the keyboard.
I've got the sounds playing fine, but there are a few of them that he
needs to have repeat indefinitely (basically until he hits the key for
stop). I've been able to get the sounds to repeat, but if you press
the key for another sound while a repeating sound is playing, all the
sound will stop until I click on the program window and hold the mouse
button down. I think that the problem is with the way I am handling
the repeating sounds. So, basically I'm looking for a way to get
these sounds to repeat in Media Player, but so that I can still
interrupt the sound by either stopping it or playing another sound.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!