Re: Experienced C++ Builder Developer Available

2003-10-16 06:12:18 AM
We have a 5 month plus job opportunity in the San Diego area. If you are
interested please forward your resume (in word format). If you know anyone
that is interested please forward this email. Thanks
We are looking for a programmer that has experience with Borland C++ 5, user
interface development experience, and knowledge of the windows graphics
libraries (GDI). We need a resource for about 5 months to add macro
capabilities and moving region of interest processing to our existing
software. The person would need to come up to speed quickly on the current
software without benefit of design documents or extensive help from existing
personnel. This means learning by looking at the existing code and adding
these capabilities with minimal impact on the rest of the software.
"Dennis Jones" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message

I am a contractor with over 16 years of software development experience
using Pascal, Delphi, C, and C++.

I am familiar with both Borland (C++Builder and Delphi) and Microsoft
tools in a Windows environment, and GCC on Unix and VxWorks platforms. My
preference, and therefore much of my experience, is in C++ using
I also have experience with the setup, configuration, and management of
(revision control) servers on Linux, which I use extensively to manage all
of my clients' projects and source code.

Recent projects include the conversion of a large 16-bit OWL-based
application to 32-bit VCL, and the addition of multilingual support
(including on-the-fly language selection) to a very large VCL application.
Both of these projects were completed using C++Builder.

I work out of an office in my home in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), and am
currently available for long- or short-term contract positions or

Resume and references are readily available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please send inquiries and responses back to this newsgroup (the email
address is not legititmate).

- Dennis