2004-10-01 12:53:59 AM
Hi all,
I created a component, it works correctly at design time,(and worked
at run time) but at run time (in an
application) it reports "EClassNotFound" and names a class that is a
part of my component.
This component worked well before "lunch" but now I keep getting the
run time error:
Project xxx.exe raised exception class EClassNotFound with message
'Class MyClass not found'
I have no idea what is causing this and it is currently a major show
stopper. The compiler then show me a line inside forms.hpp. (I have
not made
any changes to hpp files or VCL's).
It's not the first time I had this error (during several days with
others components)...
and I still don't know when it appears and disappears ....
I can avoid this error when I remake my form (no copy and paste : it
doesn't work)
or when I use older files (that I saved).....
I can't find anything wrong inside my code.
I am using C++ Builder 5 (Entreprise) and win XP
I am using static links for the dlls
I have #pragma link for those component
I tried to use RegisterClass but it doesn't work....
I tried to rebuild all, delete *.obj, no *.il* files etc ....
Nothing works...What do I do now
Any help is always appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Romain VIARD.
question :
what is *.dcr files in Borland ??????