Timing with DirectMusic

2004-05-08 02:51:00 PM
I'm trying to program a midi file player with DirectMusic (part of DirectX).
I don't have the SDK (200Mb is to large for a 56k modem user) but I
downloaded about all I could get on the subject at MSDN.
I use the bcc55 builder for it with the older libs and header files.
Most of it I have working; Initializing a "performance", port enumaration,
play, pause and the proper release of everything. Only thing I can get
(full) at work is the conversion from music time to reference time. As long
as the midi file has no tempo changes it works but if it has, I get a timing
mess. If there is someone who could help on this subject with some more
details it would be very helpful. If there is, I could post some code