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2007-06-27 03:47:15 AM
Also Helmut, there are now courses being taught
on SMP programming using guess what? The PS-III
Yes it has a 9 core processor from IBM and it is
now in the class room. It has the potential to run
a whole lot of times faster than a dual core or
even quad core with properly written code, which
is kinda tough to right I hear.
My philosophy in life however is not things being hard
or easy, it is if you know it or don't.
If you have a chance (I haven't recently) there
is a open source project called POV-Ray that has
had a few SMP optimized versions of its project.
Check it out.
The last beta I uses did run 2x faster on my
dual core AMD, it expired however.
Helmut Giese wrote:

Ok, ok, so you're way ahead of the crowd :)


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Helmut Giese wrote:
Does anybody have an idea, how relevant this initiative is? The web
page mentioned above has about one or two entries per year.
There are OpenMP folks helping the ISO C++ committee on the concurrency
work for the next standard, so I would not rule it out ;?)
Another promising direction in this area is Intel's Thread Building
Blocks library, which may be considered for std library TR2.
Concurrency is hard, and neither of these are a silver bullet to solve
all problems, but they do ease implementation of the simple cases which
rarely turn out to have simple implementations today.
For a bit of perspective, I believe OpenMP started life as a set of
extensions to Fortran (it has its origins in scientific community) and
those extensions are now being generalized to bindings in different
languages. First C, and now C++. Not sure who they are lining up next

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What about OpenMP and Delphi?


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And Intel threading building blocks (at least for C++builder)
"Sanyin" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >skrev i en meddelelse
What about OpenMP and Delphi?