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brcc32 error using build tools

2005-08-05 10:36:17 PM
I'm new to Borland C++ Builder 6, and I have a problem not being
able to compile a resource file, getting "RC Error: Cannot open
file winver.h". I know the winver.h exists, and it is in the
include path.
I have tried to set a new build tool BRCC32, using:
default extension: *.rc
other extensions: <none>
target extension: .res
command line: $BCB/Bin/brcc32.exe -v -i$BCB/Include
RCCompiler has no extension, so I am assuming this will not be
called when I compile. But the error message I get indicates
that I'm calling it and not BRCC32.
How can I make sure that the right RC compiler is being used?

Re:brcc32 error using build tools

You've posted your C++ Builder question in the newsgroup where the IDE's for
the old Borland C++ and Turbo C++ compilers. People familiar with the
product in a question are found in newsgroups where that product is the
subject. Look for newsgroups with the word 'cppbuilder' in their name.