Component does not draw properly at design-time until a property is changed

2006-04-14 12:22:15 PM
Hello all,
I have been writing a component similar to a progress bar to use in
editing a buffer such as an audio file or movie. Everything is coming
along great, with much thanks to this newsgroup.
The component has Min,Max, Start, Stop, and Position Properties, which
are initialized to good values (each property has this default value,
and constructor sets them as well)
Min = Start = 1
Max = Stop = 100
Position = 50
When I drop my component on a form at design time, it appears that
everything is bunched up at the left edge of the component. It looks
like a progress bar with position = 1, but it should look like a
progress bar with position = 50. If I change any of the above
parameters, the compnent redraws correctly.
Any ideas on debugging or what is wrong?