SYS576 compiler error in Delphi 7

2005-02-11 10:51:58 PM
I have Delphi 7 build 4.453, and periodically when I am building and
installing the design and runtime packages something silently fails and
dies inside Delphi's compiler or IDE, or both. The symptoms are this
'SYS576' error. A similar thing happens sometimes when the runtime
expression evaluator evaluates some code (a method/property etc) which
has some bugs, maybe causing 'evil side effects'. This also causes
further compile attempts to die in SYS576, and a shutdown of the Delphi
IDE is required. Does anyone know what this is likely to be caused by,
and if such bugs are caused by third party components, how can I track
those bugs down if no exceptions are raised in the IDE?