ANN: OCFNext project (and a new patch for OWLNext)

2003-10-23 11:47:42 PM
Hello to all,
I'm proud to announce the public start of OCF NExt:
an upgrade of Borland OCF (Object Component Framework),
compatible with the latest release of OWL NExt.
Many thanks to Yura Bidus who started OWLNext
and to Mark Hatsell, who did most of the work of upgrading OCF
This project will go together with OWLNext, and will be located
at the same site,
How to get OCFNext:
1. Install the latest patch for OWLNext, 6.16:
2. Download and unzip and
3. Unzip both files together and then run ocfinst.exe
4. You will be asked for Borland C++ 5.01 or 5.02 root folder,
and then for OWLNext root folder.
5. If owlinst successfuly copies the neccessary files from BC5.01/5.02
then ocf_616.exe will be launched to perform the upgrade.
If all goes well, the folders (OWLNext root)\include\ocf
and (OWLNext root)\source\ocf will contain the files of OCFNext 6.16
6. After building OWLNext 6.16, go to (OWLNext root)\source\ocf,
examine the .bat files to see how the make commands are to be executed,
and either run a make command from the command prompt, or make a copy
of a .bat file, edit and execute it.
Currently OCFNext is tested with Borland C++ 5.02 and MSVC6.
Everyone is welcome to participate in this new project.