TUsers Security Component v2.0.0.3 released

2004-07-02 12:44:14 PM
Dear Delphi/C++ Builder Developers:
Tools&Comps releases TUsers Security Component v2.0.0.3. This release adds
support to Paradox and MS-Access (TBDEDriver and TADODriver) as also bug
What is TUsers Security Component?
TUsers Security Component v2.0 is a set of components especially designed to
allows developers easily implement User Authentication and User Rights
Management in applications developed with the tools Borland Delphi and C++
The TUsers allows to control the access to all the VCL, including buttons,
menu items, Actions, DBGrids, Queries, Tables and Dataset Fields . The
TUsers also works with virtually all the 3rd-party components available on
the market.
The current release includes drives for BDE, ADO, IBX, DBISAM, ADS, IBO,
dbExpress and DOA. More drivers are coming soon.
To obtain more information about the TUsers v2.0 features:
To download a trial version, you can visit:
Fell free to send us a e-mail with any question.
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>Please support us by voting: TUsers is nominated in the category
"Security Tool" on page 3.
Best Regards.
Jackson Gomes
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