FuzzySearch library updated to version 2.3

2004-09-20 06:33:20 PM
FuzzySearch library www.textolution.com/fuzzysearch.asp
is an approximate string matching concerns to find patterns in texts in
presence of "mismatches" or "errors". Approximate string matching is
fundamental to text processing, because we live in an error-prone
world. It has several applications in data analysis and data retrieval
such as, for instance, searching text under the presence of typing or
spelling errors, character recognition system, spelling correction
program, retrieving musical passages, or finding biological sequences
in presence of possibly mutations or misreads.
FuzzySearch library contains various functions for tasks exact and
approximate string comparising and matching. All functions speedup
optimised and oriented to text processing in natural languages.Work
with ANSI and with Unicode strings is supported.
FuzzySearch library available for Delphi, VC, VB/VBA, and also can be
used in any language as COM-object.