BCB6-Compiler-Error with COM-Components by ALTOVA XMLspy

2005-07-07 06:15:34 PM
We would like to install the XMLSpy Components in Borland C++ Builder
6.0. After importing the type library a package is created, that will
not compile. We get compile-error E2192 "Too few parameters" in call.
Here is how you get the error:
- Create simply a new project with BCB6
- click in the main menu project/import type library
- A window appears where you can select the library.
- Select XML Spy 1.4 Type library
- Click Install
- You are asked if you want to install in a given package or if you
want to create a new one. The error comes both ways.
- The package must be compiled and here is where the problem comes up.
We have contacted ALTOVA an they answered:
"I was able to reproduce the behavior you mentioned. However, at the
same time I was able to compile the same library with Visual Studio
.NET 2003. I conferred with one of our developers in that matter and he
found that the functions in question do have the same parameter count
as their definitions. Since this is code that Borland C++ Builder
generates based on the library we believe, that this is an Borland
related issue."
has anybody an idea how to remove this error?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards