Ann: RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software version 1.8!

2005-01-21 08:41:52 PM
SiComponents is pleased to announce the release of our award winning
RegKeeper- e-Sales Tracking Software version 1.8!
What's new in version 1.8 is available at
Whether you or your company sells software or other products via the
Internet, RegKeeper is a must have tool for you. It will supply you with the
robust database-driven system for tracking electronic sales and will
automate most of routine work with orders processing.
RegKeeper is not attached to a single e-sales provider but can detect and
process different orders, no matter are they issued by your own e-shop or
any of third-party resellers such as ShareIt!, RegSoft and others. You may
RegKeeper for automatic retrieval e-mail orders from a POP3 mail server on
the regular base, as well as import orders virtually from any file.
With RegKeeper your customers will never wait for response. Once an order is
received, the program composes and sends confirmation message (there is the
possibility for automatic unlock key generation). It also provides
convenient interface for sending newsletters to group of customers, for
example, to notify them about product updates, patches, etc.
RegKeeper will provide you with a variety of statistical information and
detailed reports (by product, country, date, etc.) about sales of your
products. As RegKeeper data is stored in the Microsoft Access database, you
can easily import it to other Microsoft Office applications and use for
creation charts, tables, presentations, etc.
RegKeeper home page at