ANN: paxJavaScript, beta-version

2003-09-20 02:10:34 PM
paxJavaScript is the fourth "pax" language of the paxScript scripting
paxJavaScript implements ECMA 262 standard and extends it with the concept
of namespace. The main subject of paxJavaScript is the cross-language
integration. You can use native JavaScript objects in your paxPascal,
paxBasic, and paxC scripts. Inversely, paxScript engine allows you to create
instances of paxPascal, paxBasic, paxC, and Delphi-defined classes in your
JavaScript scripts.
TPaxScripter component allows you to embed the paxScript interpreter into
your C++ Builder application, so you can extend and customize the
application without having to recompile it.
Using TPaxScripter you can
. Import VCL and thirdparty classes, routines, constants, and variables.
. Create script-defined event handlers.
. Call script-defined functions.
. Save/load compiled scripts to/from a stream.
. Use scripter in the de{*word*81} mode (breakpoints, step into, trace over, run
to cursor).
Source code of the paxScript interpreter and TPaxScripter component is
compatible with D5, D6, D7, BCB5, BCB6, K3.
Thank you.
Alexander Baranovsky