video file

2005-01-20 05:05:28 PM
i want to play a video file...and i want the window in which it is played to
autosize so that later by reading its height and width to know its
resolution...i have made the same about the photos using the image component
and it works perfectly.
i open the video files with the mediaplayer and that when the problem
starts,,,I try to view them with 2 components,ole container and
animate...but their autosize property is not working...i have autosize true
but the window doesnt autosize!
any suggestions plz?
i have also tried to open a video file directly to the animate but in this
case the animate really autosizes but it returns a cannot open avi exception
in some files...grrrr
(1st case read file name from opendialog and put in mediaplayer and play it
in ole container/animate->no autosize
2nd case read file name from opendialog and put in animate->yes autosize,but
exception inmany avi files)
i have posted this also in an other newsgroup hoping just somenone know the